Roe v. Wade Decision

Dear Patients,

We understand you may have questions and concerns about the impact overturning Roe vs. Wade may have on fertility care. Since the initial leak of the Supreme Court’s draft opinion indicating their intention to overturn Roe v. Wade, Inception has been analyzing the potential impact that the ruling could have on our clinical and laboratory operations across the country. 

The answer, reached with the help of multiple outside experts, is clear: today’s ruling does not limit or prohibit Inception’s ability to provide high-quality IVF as we always have, and none of the “trigger” laws taking effect in the states where we operate will do so either. 

Inception is actively monitoring all current proposed legislation that could impact IVF services. Based on our experts’ review of proposed legislation, there is no indication that any state is contemplating limiting IVF care specifically.

As for future legislation, Inception and its family of brands have ensured that, as the largest IVF care provider in the United States, we will have a seat at the table in the legislative process. We have strengthened our relationship with RESOLVE: The National Infertility Association and we have engaged our own lobbyists in relevant states to ensure Inception can help educate and guide lawmakers in protecting our patients’ pathways to obtaining high-quality assisted reproductive care. 
Should you have any questions, please reach out here.

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